Parametric Design



Parametric design shifts the focus of design away from a finalized object and onto the system that created it.

Designing the rules, parameters, and their relationships to each other allows us to design and resolve more complex problems than ever before.



The image above is an example of the use of parametric design for two main aspects of an auditorium:

  • The position and orientation of the acoustic paneling was automatically optimized to reflect the sound to the audience evenly, improving the audio quality of the hall.
  • The design of the structural roof trusses was calculated to the optimal depth to webbing to weight to size ratio, to create the most efficient truss through an evolutionary design process.



Uses for Parametric Design

  • Modeling and documenting complex three dimensional forms and geometry
  • Using and taking advantage of Computer Aided Manufacturing processes (CAM)
  • Resolving complex structural systems
  • Calculating complex solar and environmental factors
  • Optimizing normal design influences such as view, orientation, massing, etc.

The ability to generate custom made algorithms to resolve complex issue is a powerful tool for any project.

Lightscape Architects is always looking to find more opportunities to use these new approaches to design.



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