Design and Approval

The Design and Approval service takes the project from Inception to Municipal approval.

Many people choose to only hire an architect up to this point and the service is design to facilitate that.

The benefits are reduced professional fees, shorter time frames and the freedom to facilitate the building process yourself if you wish.


Summary of work stages.

Lightscape Architects follows the standard work-stages as set out by SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession)

  • Stage 1 – Inception, briefing and research
    • Briefing: We spend time together understanding and developing the brief, project goals, time-line and budget goals
    • Research: We investigate and report back on all constraints and restriction imposed on the site
    • Inception: Advice on possible needs for other consultants as well as method of contracting
  • Stage 2 – Concept design and viability
    • Prepare and present the initial concept design
    • Workshop and test the design together until it meets all the project goals
  • Stage 3 – Design development
    • Consult and co-ordinate with other consultants
    • Incorporation and co-ordination of all services
  • Stage 4.1 – Municipal drawings and submission
    • Prepare drawings for municipal submission
    • Submit drawings and documents for municipal planning approval

For a more detailed discretion of the stages click here



Fee Scale

Lightscape Architects follows the standard fee scale as set out by SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession)

Download the Professional Fee Scale

Download the detailed Professional Fees Guildelines



Questions or Advice

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