About Lightscape Architects

Lightscape Architects is a young and passionate full service architectural firm based in Cape Town.

The firm is guided by a strong set of design values focusing on quality, authenticity and a love for our South African landscape.


Client-Architect relationship

Our primary focus is always to deeply understand the goals and motivations of our clients so that we can add the most value possible.

We strive for building strong and positive relationships with our clients, working as a team to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Clear and regular communication is key to empowering our clients to have full control of their projects.


Design excellence

Design excellence is at the core of our service and we are continuously searching for elegant solutions to complex issues.

Every project, client and site is unique and deserves an equally unique, thorough and carefully considered design solution.

We aim to create buildings that enrich the lives of the people using them.


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss how best we can help your reach your aspirations, whether its building your first home or building a new school.

Email: studio@lightscapearchitects.co.za

Phone: (+27 / 0)72 020 11 87